Product Design and Development


Jack Elder, founder and President of Multiject pursues excellence for all our customers. 

Jack learned the multi-material molding business at one of the highest regarded mold builders and molding firms in Germany.  He applies those principles, along with efficient and targeted use of capital to all Multiject projects.

Jack holds 31 US Patents, and received the 1996 "Kettering Award", for inventions of significant benefit. He has lead teams that won three SPE automotive design awards,  a SPI Structural Plastics Division product design award,  a Modern Plastics Magazine product design award, and a "product of the year" award from the International Magnesium Association.

Our experience allows us to assist customers by optimizing the manufacturing method, tooling and process at the time of product design to realize the advantages of "Quality by Design".

Key to multi-material molding is material selection. Whether your materials needs to bond or have relative movement, we can assist in sorting out the many possibilities.

The application of "Design for Manufacturability" (DFM), and "Design for Assembly" (DFA) principles ensures that competitive advantages are embodied in the product design.  Part and assembly costs are to a large part set by up-front design.

Tooling Design and Development